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Private School Spankings

Private School Spankings

At this private school for girls, SPANKING is a way of life. But one teacher likes to fondle the girls while she spanks them! When the PRINCIPAL finds out, it's the teacher's turn to get spanked!! And this female PRINCIPAL really knows how to SPANK another woman!! Watch this strong woman SPANK the older woman so hard and so long that she starts whimpering with real tears in her eyes! And THEN, the same naughty 18-year-old student gets an over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking from the principal that has her kicking, begging, apologizing, and crying! Watch her bare bottom turn BRIGHT RED from the endless hot stinging spanks from the principal's bare hand. But that's not all! You'll see paddling, and yet another over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking of the student by the much older teacher, using her hand and a hard stiff ruler!

File Name : 0040_sp_private_school_spankings.wmv
File Size : 718.6 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 00:49:01

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Different Shade Of Amber

Different Shade Of Amber

Stars: Amber Rayne

Check out this hardcore bondage video from Bondage Maidens! You won't want to miss this!

File Name : 0039_sp_different_shade_of_amber.wmv
File Size : 687.0 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 00:46:09

0039_sp_Different Shade Of Amber.part1.rar (200.0 Mb)
0039_sp_Different Shade Of Amber.part2.rar (200.0 Mb)
0039_sp_Different Shade Of Amber.part3.rar (200.0 Mb)
0039_sp_Different Shade Of Amber.part4.rar (87.0 Mb)

Servante Fatidique

Servante Fatidique

Cassandra goes to Sabrina's home for a job. She has no clue of what is coming for her...

File Name : 0038_sp_servante_fatidique.wmv
File Size : 1.08 Gb
Resolution : 768 x 576
Duration : 01:15:24

0038_sp_Servante Fatidique.part1.rar (250.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Servante Fatidique.part2.rar (250.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Servante Fatidique.part3.rar (250.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Servante Fatidique.part4.rar (250.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Servante Fatidique.part5.rar (108.9 Mb)

Crack: The Sound Of Pain

Crack: The Sound Of Pain

MK is at it again and this time he's bringing you three lovely ladies who get off so good on getting their asses whipped! Once he cracks the whip, they moan out in pleasure as the whip strikes their silky bodies. They love the agony it brings and they beg for more and Michael doesn't have a problem fulfilling their desires!

File Name : 0038_sp_crack_the_sound_of_pain.wmv
File Size : 885.5 Mb
Resolution : 848 x 480
Duration : 00:31:17

0038_sp_Crack The Sound Of Pain.part1.rar (200.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Crack The Sound Of Pain.part2.rar (200.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Crack The Sound Of Pain.part3.rar (200.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Crack The Sound Of Pain.part4.rar (200.0 Mb)
0038_sp_Crack The Sound Of Pain.part5.rar (85.5 Mb)

Spanked Virgins

Spanked Virgins

Stars: Honey, Shay Hendrix, Jack Uppitt, David Charles

If you love spanked bottoms, corporal punishment and virgin asses getting red and rosy, then this movie is for you. Veteran adult-film star Jack Uppitt introduces his perversely sadistic friend David Charles to two sweet honeys tender female ass flesh. Non-stop fucked-up filthy film of firm and tender females being paddled, spanked, swatted, and stung.

File Name : 0037_sp_spanked_virgins.wmv
File Size : 1.27 Gb
Resolution : 768 x 576
Duration : 01:28:51

0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part1.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part2.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part3.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part4.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part5.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part6.rar (53.0 Mb)

Tanned By The Twins

Tanned By The Twins

Stars: Jason, Brian

ason is the none pleased when he discovers 2 college girls stealing from his car at a private parking lot under his apartment block. The girls attempt to run however they are locked in the garage area and there is no escape. After further interrogation he takes the girls upstairs and suggests that no further action will be taken if they both submit to some punishment across their bare bottoms. The college girls have no alternative other than to accept Jason's offer.

Their knickers are soon removed for a good hand spanking each followed up with the cane. Meanwhile his twin brother Brian has a problem back at his house with Jason's girlfriend not wanting to leave until he answers her telephone calls. Brian is a keen exponent of spanking and gasps a perfect opportunity to get a spanking in on her bare bottom as she is vulnerable having nowhere else to live or go.

File Name : 0036_sp_tanned_by_the_twins.wmv
File Size : 454.6 Mb
Resolution : 720 x 480
Duration : 01:04:02

0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part4.rar (4.6 Mb)

Queens Of The Lash 4

Queens Of The Lash 4

1. "Lord Of The Manor" - British aristocrat mercilessly whips the virgin flesh of his beautiful serving girl.

2. Algerian Whip Master In a private dungeon in Paris an Algerian noble whips beautiful new arrival from Alergies.

3. "A Daddy's Naughty Daughter" - A father's uncontrollable rage turns a disciplinary spanking into a brutal whipping.

4. "Pain and Terror" - A Moroccan beauty suspected of being involves with terrorists is mercilessly tortured in a private prison run by the British secret service.

5. "Space Slammer" - A magnificent beauty is mercilessly ravished by torture droids in a galaxy far far away.

6. "The Lesson" - In a private English school for naughty girls a young beauty learns a painful lesson under Headmistress' whip.

7. "Merciless Torture" - During the dark days of the Inquisition a young beauty suffers the torments of hell in the torture chamber of the Inquisitors.

8. "Nubian Slave" - In the hold of a slave ship, a Nubian slave dancer is whipped for her arrogance.

9. "Siberian Slave" - A European beauty is suspected of being a spy for the West in the dark tale of torture from the Cold War underground.

File Name : 0035_sp_queens_of_the_lash_4.wmv
File Size : 737.7 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:21:00

0035_sp_Queens Of The Lash 4.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0035_sp_Queens Of The Lash 4.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0035_sp_Queens Of The Lash 4.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0035_sp_Queens Of The Lash 4.part4.rar (150.0 Mb)
0035_sp_Queens Of The Lash 4.part5.rar (137.7 Mb)

Anca's Spanking And Breast Play

Anca's Spanking And Breast Play

Anca is a good little slave girl, first crawling to her Mistress and licking up her leg and servicing her with a pussy licking. Then, after some nipple twisting and breast play, her mistress bends Anca over a chair and spanks her bare bottom with a paddle. In between whacks on the ass, she fingers her pussy as Anca moans in simultaneous pleasure and pain. Next, Mistress bites Anca’s nipples and twists her breasts more before shoving her panties in her mouth as a gag. Then more spanking with Anca on her back with her legs in the air, and more finger fucking her swollen spanked pussy. Her poor bottom is bright right and tender from her brutal punishment, but Anca has certainly learned her lesson to respect her Mistress.

File Name : 0034_sp_ancas_spanking_and_breast_play.wmv
File Size : 290.8 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 00:32:33

0034_sp_Ancas Spanking and Breast Play.part1.rar (100.0 Mb)
0034_sp_Ancas Spanking and Breast Play.part2.rar (100.0 Mb)
0034_sp_Ancas Spanking and Breast Play.part3.rar (90.8 Mb)

Workover Workout

Workover Workout

Stars: Domina Athena

Domina Athena gets her daily MMA workout in as she punches and kicks her human punching bag slave. She pounds and kicks him hard until she is sweating and then relaxes for a drink. When her slave spills her cocktails she pulls him over her lap and then spanks, straps and paddles his ass and feet until he howls. After this punishment, Athena enjoys a smoke as she sits on her slave's back until she gets him up and double flogs the hell out of him. Athena pounds his back and ass and then his front getting his balls and nipples and every bit of skin in between. Finally as the sun sets Athena canes her slave until he is dancing in pain. Athena allows him to kneel at her feet before she dismisses him for the night.

File Name : 0033_sp_workover_workout.wmv
File Size : 332.0 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 00:37:09

0033_sp_Workover Workout.part1.rar (100.0 Mb)
0033_sp_Workover Workout.part2.rar (100.0 Mb)
0033_sp_Workover Workout.part3.rar (100.0 Mb)
0033_sp_Workover Workout.part4.rar (32.0 Mb)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spanked Wives And Cuckolds 5 - Mellanie Munroe

Spanked Wives And Cuckolds 5 - Mellanie Munroe

Stars: Master Michael Kahn, Mellanie Munroe

Well, even though this guy had good intentions, he learned a very valuable lesson. Grow a pair and handle your problems yourself, because if you don't, some gross fat guy will end up fucking your wife - and she'll love it. At least he found out that his wife was a total slut. You know how the saying goes, cuckold today, gone tomorrow - or maybe not. He might be too spineless to actually leave, what about you?

File Name : 0032_sp_mellanie_munroe.wmv
File Size : 347.7 Mb
Resolution : 720 x 480
Duration : 00:34:00

0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part1.rar (100.0 Mb)
0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part2.rar (100.0 Mb)
0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part3.rar (100.0 Mb)
0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part4.rar (47.7 Mb)

Liam's House Of Discipline

Liam's House Of Discipline

Stars: Ariel, Master Liam, Riley Hush

Headmaster Mr. Hawkins has sent Ariel and Riley to Liam's House of Discipline. They have vandalized the lockers at college, and have also been aught bullying numerous students in the hallways. So off they march in their plaid skirts and prim white shirts. Dealing with Riley first, she is told to lay on her back with her feet extended in her air. She is hand spanked and paddled, and her bottom soon turn beet red. She is also placed across a feather horse as Liam declares "you are going to be pink and red all over!" All the time she cries and swears she will be good form now on...when it is finally Ariel's turn she too is treated to the same type if discipline. These young women are indeed pleading for mercy and their have surly been taught a valuable lesson in proper behavior.

File Name : 0031_sp_liams_house_of_discipline.wmv
File Size : 469.9 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:50:52

0031_sp_Liams House Of Discipline.part1.rar (140.0 Mb)
0031_sp_Liams House Of Discipline.part2.rar (140.0 Mb)
0031_sp_Liams House Of Discipline.part3.rar (140.0 Mb)
0031_sp_Liams House Of Discipline.part4.rar (49.9 Mb)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad Head Master

Bad Head Master

Stars: Clark, Miss Miles, Hays, Thomas Broadmoor

Miss Miles sends two naughty girls in to see the Head Master for punishment. They both receive a sound spanking and are sent back to class. Unfortunately for these two they choose to steal the Headmistress's car instead. Now Hays and Clark will receive stern corporal punishment. Heavy use of the paddle and limber birch cane across their bare behinds soon brings tears of repentance from them. The Headmistress, still angry at having her car stolen, encourages the Head Master to spank them harder. She then surprises him further by requesting a sound spanking for herself also.

File Name : 0030_sp_bad_head_master.wmv
File Size : 442.4 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:47:08

0030_sp_Bad Head Master.part1.rar (140.0 Mb)
0030_sp_Bad Head Master.part2.rar (140.0 Mb)
0030_sp_Bad Head Master.part3.rar (140.0 Mb)
0030_sp_Bad Head Master.part4.rar (22.4 Mb)

Burning Ambitions

Burning Ambitions

Two models arrive at the Burning Ambition Model Agency looking for glamour modeling work. But the owner reckons that they are rather spankable and tells them that the only available work is in a CP film, and that he has been commissioned to audition any girls that apply for the work. Reluctantly the girls agree to the auditions, and the lecherous owner spanks, whips and canes them. He also tells them that the parts they will be playing are lap-dancers so they have to demonstrate these skills as well. One can confidently say that this man enjoys his work. His receptionist will verify that!

File Name : 0029_sp_burning_ambitions.wmv
File Size : 699.0 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 01:25:40

0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part4.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part5.rar (99.0 Mb)

Rent Collection

Rent Collection

An East London landlord has several houses and apartments and collects rent personally from his tenants. On checking his rent books for the first of the month he notices that one of his most attractive tenants has fallen behind. He wants to know how she expects to pay and knows that young women rarely take these matters seriously. He confronts her and advises her that he could postpone this month's collection if she would submit to an over the knee hand spanking followed by a caning. She is therefore forced into the decision that leaves her bottom marked up for days. He next visits another tenant who is also in arrears and can't believe his luck when she too agrees to accept his brand of punishment. He has once again gained the benefit of red bottom for his own pleasures!

File Name : 0028_sp_rent_collection.wmv
File Size : 563.4 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:01:00

0028_sp_Rent Collection.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0028_sp_Rent Collection.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0028_sp_Rent Collection.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0028_sp_Rent Collection.part4.rar (113.4 Mb)

My Unfair Lady

My Unfair Lady

Stars: Jan Zlatousty, Lars Moebius, Helena Kubecova, Ester Slaba, Jarmila Hejdukova

Closely studying the works of world cinema, there's one interesting fact we simply can't overlook. Have you noticed that many classic movies end right before the moment when the following words are uttered? ?Bend over, raise your skirt and pull down your panties. You deserve a sound whipping!"

We don't have to explain why many like-minded movie-goers are displeased by this. We have also noticed this frustrating tendency in fairy tales or do you think that the queen wouldn't beat Snow White before banning her?

Or Cinderella? She lives in the world where the cane or switch would feast on the girl's naked body every day.

So we decided we should put things right.

In our new movie, Lupus Pictures exploits a story that gained huge success both as a musical and movie. Be honest ? don't you agree that Eliza Doolittle?s education could have been more effective if, for instance, the above-mentioned cane had been used?

Similar stories have happened and are happening everywhere; a well-off professor, doctor or even lawyer finds a simple uneducated girl, whom he raises to a higher class. This is an ideal breeding ground for the screenwriter's heart, director's soul and finally, the spectator's eye. So we made a movie where you don't have to be afraid of early endings and unfinished actions. The story takes place in old Prague, a beautiful setting full of interesting people of all classes, living intertwined lives.

For the curious we will only reveal that two girls act as pretty flower girls, though only one of them gets educated and enters a better society. The other one is left with their strict father, an old boor who keeps a cane at hand and switches his daughter right in front of guests... so severely that only the policemen rushing in can stop him.

To learn the rest of the story and the fate of the poor girl in the hands of the professor and his strict housekeeper, see our movie My Unfair Lady.

The famous Lars Moebius plays the part of the elderly professor, with the director acting in the episode as the professor's old friend. My Unfair Lady has all the popular attributes of a classic spanking movie. plus witty dialogue, a great setting and finally the exhilarating feeling that this time history is put right and Liza will get what she deserves.

File Name : 0027_sp_my_unfair_lady.wmv
File Size : 237.4 Mb
Resolution : 384 x 288
Duration : 00:27:48

0027_sp_My Unfair Lady.part1.rar (100.0 Mb)
0027_sp_My Unfair Lady.part2.rar (100.0 Mb)
0027_sp_My Unfair Lady.part3.rar (37.4 Mb)

Spanked, Caned, Etc...

Spanked, Caned, Etc...

At the local nightclub, the manager notices that one of the table dancers has given her telephone number out to one of the patrons. Strictly forbidden, and not the first time she has informed the dancer of her improper behavior, she decides to administer some old fashioned corporal punishment.

But to her dismay, during the course of her bare bottomed spanking she notices that the dancer has become sexually aroused. Not wishing to give her sexual pleasure, but instead an impromptu lesson, she grabs a stiff paddle and uses it in the harshest of manners. But this too seems to give our dancer an unexpected sexual pleasure.

Meanwhile, a female worker for a cleaning service has come too late to do all the required duties for an upcoming party. Reprimanded by the owner she is spanked in the steam room, paddled hard over the plunge pool, cruelly caned in the reception area, and finally released to accomplish her chores for the party.

File Name : 0026_sp_spanked_caned_etc.wmv
File Size : 524.7 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:55:54

0026_sp_Spanked Caned Etc.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0026_sp_Spanked Caned Etc.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0026_sp_Spanked Caned Etc.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0026_sp_Spanked Caned Etc.part4.rar (74.7 Mb)

Therapist - Sexual Frustrations

Therapist - Sexual Frustrations

Our two beautiful young ladies are sexually frustrated and must see Dr. Nik immediately. It seems their boyfriends' won't spank them! And the only person who eagerly takes on the deed is our own Dr. Nik. Welcoming them in Samara is the first to see the doctor. She is hand spanked, paddled with black leather and finally caned until her bottom turns bright red. Among tears of pain we notice a pleasure that her boyfriend will no doubt receive the benefit of! Scarlett has the doctors' second session for the day. She is moving up a notch and will be receiving the cane. Coy as first her pleasure is increased as the doctor moves through each level. We notice a sexual foreplay between the two as the doctor takes a more personal approach to his patient. All three levels are achieved and we know that these ladies are no longer sexually frustrated.

File Name : 0025_sp_therapist_sexual_frustrations.wmv
File Size : 563.9 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:01:00

0025_sp_Therapist_ual Frustrations.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0025_sp_Therapist_ual Frustrations.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0025_sp_Therapist_ual Frustrations.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0025_sp_Therapist_ual Frustrations.part4.rar (113.9 Mb)

Spanking Video 9

Spanking Video 9

When will the playful chambermaids of Barrington estate ever learn? Maintaining a dignified decorum is of the utmost importance. And if a young lade fails to meet these rigid standards, she will be obligated to bend over and drop her knickers. The smooth, soft skin of the female posterior can be very tender indeed. Especially if subjected to the cruel caress of a disciplinarian's firm hand or a stinging paddle (Chambermaids Pt.2).

Whatever displeasure Miss Casey may outwardly express when young ladies are caught shoplifting at her department store, inside she is really quite pleased. It offers her the opportunity to indulge in her favorite pastime. Standard procedure, of course, would be to report them to the authorities. Most young female felons opt for the alternative solution, spanking. Miss Carey likes to take her time and do a thorough job (Shoplifters).

When you're the only man living with two females, it is vital that you establish from the start who is in charge. Mike caught his lovely roommates pilfering his wallet. He could have turned them over to the police, but instead he has a much better idea. A good rousing spanking on their plump behinds should leave a proper impression (Bedroom Discipline).

After returning home from a long day at the office, Anthony would like nothing more than to relax and watch a little television. Unfortunately, this isn't going to happen. It seems his wife, Julie Juggs has been careless with the housekeeping money and she has forgotten to pay the monthly bills. Anthony is furious! Something must be done in order to assure this doesn't happen again (Final Notice).

Moe, the Biker, found his motorcycle had been run over by Julie. What make things worse was finding out she had no insurance to cover the damage, and no money to re-pay him. Instead he decides to take it out of her hide. Moe films her repaying the debt. And he keeps the film to show that no one messes with his "Hog" and gets away without paying (License To Spank)!

File Name : 0024_sp_spanking_video_9.wmv
File Size : 554.8 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:56:00

0024_sp_Spanking Video 9.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0024_sp_Spanking Video 9.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0024_sp_Spanking Video 9.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0024_sp_Spanking Video 9.part4.rar (104.8 Mb)

Schoolgirl Brandy

Schoolgirl Brandy

Stars: Joe Lewis, Brandy

In her fourth and final Far East Media appearance (we say "final", because after this ass-pasting Brandy lit out for the west coast and was never seen again), we find 18 year old Brandy has returned to school and is trying for the "straight and narrow".
Also features a great bath-time scene after which Brandy gets her dripping wet ass tanned again.

File Name : 0023_sp_schoolgirl_brandy.wmv
File Size : 342.0 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 00:38:13

0023_sp_Schoolgirl Brandy.part1.rar (100.0 Mb)
0023_sp_Schoolgirl Brandy.part2.rar (100.0 Mb)
0023_sp_Schoolgirl Brandy.part3.rar (100.0 Mb)
0023_sp_Schoolgirl Brandy.part4.rar (42.0 Mb)

Lady Vernon's Caning Heaven

Lady Vernon's Caning Heaven

Stars: Lady Vernon

Having escaped from their local reformatory, two young girls become hungry after hiking around the countryside. They have no money to buy food so they decide, after noticing an apple orchard, to steal some apples. Little do the girls realize that they have inadvertently trespassed into Lady Vernon's estate. Lady Vernon has a good vantage point to see about, and she notices the girl's scrumping her apples. Hot on their heels she catches the girls quickly. They are very apologetic and beg her not to return them to the reformatory. Lady Vernon is sick to death of people coming in and stealing her property so she orders the girls into her conservatory for a damn hard beating. The attractive little blonde girl is first to receive a good dose of spanking and tausing before taking a score or more hard strokes of the cane on her lovely little bar bottom. The other girl notices all this going on and is very scared. She too is bent over and having taken just two of Lady Vernon's strokes pleads to be sent back to the Reform School.
That evening the Reform School boss notices one of his favorite girls has not returned on time. He waits up until she comes back, so he can find out exactly what has been going on. He is not pleased when he does find out, so he too relies on the swishy cane to admonish the poor girl of any ideas of seeing other men in the village.

File Name : 0022_sp_lady_vernons_caning_heaven.wmv
File Size : 514.1 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:55:18

0022_sp_Lady Vernons Caning Heaven.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0022_sp_Lady Vernons Caning Heaven.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0022_sp_Lady Vernons Caning Heaven.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0022_sp_Lady Vernons Caning Heaven.part4.rar (64.1 Mb)

Crime In The St. Thomas School

Crime In The St. Thomas School

Stars: Kristyna, Jana, Karel, Mr. Neruda

The school to which girl students were hurrying was one of the sample achievement of socialism - a one-storey prefab box within a neglected garden, which defied, with all of its appearance, a blue and white board announcing to the coming students that St. Thomas School was founded as early as in .... . The appearance of the school expressively showed the decline which affected the Czech lands under the socialism regime: Once a proud and prestige girls' school, whose former graduates came with a suggestion that it should be reopened immediately after the "velvet revolution", finally gained, thanks to numerous personal interventions, its base on the outskirts of the capital city. The staff could consider this success - other traditional schools ended up even worse and all that remained was a record in chronicles and nostalgia of their former graduates. The subject of envy of those few private schools that, despite the resistance of former "comrades" firmly seated in the state administration chairs, were restored, was a few pieces of the original school equipment found in the depository of the Pedagogy Museum which created at least a hint of a feeling of historical continuity.

Generally, the continuity of traditions was a problem. It was obvious that formerly the staff only consisted of women, but the senseless laws of the European Union, to which the Czech Republic has submitted with an unwise hope for early joining, did not make it possible to reject a job applicant only for the reason of unsuitable sex. Although the headmistress tried to persuade the trade unions and the ministry several times with arguments about the tradition of the school, including a simple logic of the completely girls' school, the officials educated by the ideas of perverted equality were rejecting her arguments with a mischievous joy. So she had to agree to admit several men as members of the staff - at least she tried to choose such men in whom the risk of close contacts with girl students was as little as possible. The men teachers were therefore, to great displeasure of the girl students, fanatics of their science, which they taught with eagerness and holy enthusiasm regarding the other disciplines as entirely nonessential for practical life.

However, this selection of teachers caused other inconveniences personified by the chemistry teacher who, despite his relatively young age, had behind him several international patents, two disasters of a medium extent, and an effaced suspended sentence for a criminal offence of general threat arising from the production of a plastic explosive in the home conditions of a single-room flat in a prefab housing estate. Whereas the schoolmistresses, enthusiastically, and the schoolmasters, at least orderly, accepted the obligation of a dignified representation of the school, the chemistry teacher silently ignored all reproofs regarding his appearance...

File Name : 0021_sp_crime_in_the_st_thomas_school.wmv
File Size : 603.3 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:05:10

0021_sp_Crime In The St Thomas School.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0021_sp_Crime In The St Thomas School.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0021_sp_Crime In The St Thomas School.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0021_sp_Crime In The St Thomas School.part4.rar (150.0 Mb)
0021_sp_Crime In The St Thomas School.part5.rar (3.3 Mb)

Final Selections #2

Final Selections #2

Stars: Natasha, Natalie, Julie, Pete

Pete and Natasha's day auditions for the northern area of England's pop idol have gone very nicely. They have persuaded three of the five potential finalists to accept humiliating corporal punishment on their bare bottoms, before sending them off to the next round. This leaves Natalie, Pete's favorite, a very attractive blonde. He is determined to get to grips with her peachy bare bottom. And, fortunately for him, she is equally determined to get on in life.
They both seize the opportunity, and it's not long before her bare bottom is across his knee. She is then placed across the desk for a paddling and a sound caning. Lastly, Julie enters in a school girl outfit, though it is clear she is well past the age requirements. This is of no consequence to Pete who, in his ecstasy, is more than happy to paddle his new arrival. Pulling her knickers down, she is also caned, and soon red welts appear against her delicate skin. This has ensured that a further audition for all the girls seen this day will be in order.

File Name : 0020_sp_final_selections_2.wmv
File Size : 504.2 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:54:00

0020_sp_Final Selections 2.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0020_sp_Final Selections 2.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0020_sp_Final Selections 2.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0020_sp_Final Selections 2.part4.rar (54.2 Mb)