Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spanked Wives And Cuckolds 5 - Mellanie Munroe

Spanked Wives And Cuckolds 5 - Mellanie Munroe

Stars: Master Michael Kahn, Mellanie Munroe

Well, even though this guy had good intentions, he learned a very valuable lesson. Grow a pair and handle your problems yourself, because if you don't, some gross fat guy will end up fucking your wife - and she'll love it. At least he found out that his wife was a total slut. You know how the saying goes, cuckold today, gone tomorrow - or maybe not. He might be too spineless to actually leave, what about you?

File Name : 0032_sp_mellanie_munroe.wmv
File Size : 347.7 Mb
Resolution : 720 x 480
Duration : 00:34:00

0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part1.rar (100.0 Mb)
0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part2.rar (100.0 Mb)
0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part3.rar (100.0 Mb)
0032_sp_Mellanie Munroe.part4.rar (47.7 Mb)

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