Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taylor's Domestic Discipline

Taylor's Domestic Discipline

Stars: Mistress Taylor

Mistress Taylor loves domestic discipline, and she shows Bart what an expert she is at it. The action includes over the knee spanking while the Mistress smokes a cigarette, cock and ball torment, severe whipping, birching, caning, hand and feet strapping, washing Bart's mouth out with soap, foot worship, and breast smothering.

File Name : 0014_sp_taylors_domestic_discipline.wmv
File Size : 862.6 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 00:58:34

0014_sp_Taylors Domestic Discipline.part1.rar (200.0 Mb)
0014_sp_Taylors Domestic Discipline.part2.rar (200.0 Mb)
0014_sp_Taylors Domestic Discipline.part3.rar (200.0 Mb)
0014_sp_Taylors Domestic Discipline.part4.rar (200.0 Mb)
0014_sp_Taylors Domestic Discipline.part5.rar (62.6 Mb)

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