Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spanked Virgins

Spanked Virgins

Stars: Honey, Shay Hendrix, Jack Uppitt, David Charles

If you love spanked bottoms, corporal punishment and virgin asses getting red and rosy, then this movie is for you. Veteran adult-film star Jack Uppitt introduces his perversely sadistic friend David Charles to two sweet honeys tender female ass flesh. Non-stop fucked-up filthy film of firm and tender females being paddled, spanked, swatted, and stung.

File Name : 0037_sp_spanked_virgins.wmv
File Size : 1.27 Gb
Resolution : 768 x 576
Duration : 01:28:51

0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part1.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part2.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part3.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part4.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part5.rar (250.0 Mb)
0037_sp_Spanked Virgins.part6.rar (53.0 Mb)

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