Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tanned By The Twins

Tanned By The Twins

Stars: Jason, Brian

ason is the none pleased when he discovers 2 college girls stealing from his car at a private parking lot under his apartment block. The girls attempt to run however they are locked in the garage area and there is no escape. After further interrogation he takes the girls upstairs and suggests that no further action will be taken if they both submit to some punishment across their bare bottoms. The college girls have no alternative other than to accept Jason's offer.

Their knickers are soon removed for a good hand spanking each followed up with the cane. Meanwhile his twin brother Brian has a problem back at his house with Jason's girlfriend not wanting to leave until he answers her telephone calls. Brian is a keen exponent of spanking and gasps a perfect opportunity to get a spanking in on her bare bottom as she is vulnerable having nowhere else to live or go.

File Name : 0036_sp_tanned_by_the_twins.wmv
File Size : 454.6 Mb
Resolution : 720 x 480
Duration : 01:04:02

0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0036_sp_Tanned By The Twins.part4.rar (4.6 Mb)

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