Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lady Vernon's Caning Heaven

Lady Vernon's Caning Heaven

Stars: Lady Vernon

Having escaped from their local reformatory, two young girls become hungry after hiking around the countryside. They have no money to buy food so they decide, after noticing an apple orchard, to steal some apples. Little do the girls realize that they have inadvertently trespassed into Lady Vernon's estate. Lady Vernon has a good vantage point to see about, and she notices the girl's scrumping her apples. Hot on their heels she catches the girls quickly. They are very apologetic and beg her not to return them to the reformatory. Lady Vernon is sick to death of people coming in and stealing her property so she orders the girls into her conservatory for a damn hard beating. The attractive little blonde girl is first to receive a good dose of spanking and tausing before taking a score or more hard strokes of the cane on her lovely little bar bottom. The other girl notices all this going on and is very scared. She too is bent over and having taken just two of Lady Vernon's strokes pleads to be sent back to the Reform School.
That evening the Reform School boss notices one of his favorite girls has not returned on time. He waits up until she comes back, so he can find out exactly what has been going on. He is not pleased when he does find out, so he too relies on the swishy cane to admonish the poor girl of any ideas of seeing other men in the village.

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