Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Therapist - Sexual Frustrations

Therapist - Sexual Frustrations

Our two beautiful young ladies are sexually frustrated and must see Dr. Nik immediately. It seems their boyfriends' won't spank them! And the only person who eagerly takes on the deed is our own Dr. Nik. Welcoming them in Samara is the first to see the doctor. She is hand spanked, paddled with black leather and finally caned until her bottom turns bright red. Among tears of pain we notice a pleasure that her boyfriend will no doubt receive the benefit of! Scarlett has the doctors' second session for the day. She is moving up a notch and will be receiving the cane. Coy as first her pleasure is increased as the doctor moves through each level. We notice a sexual foreplay between the two as the doctor takes a more personal approach to his patient. All three levels are achieved and we know that these ladies are no longer sexually frustrated.

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0025_sp_Therapist_ual Frustrations.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
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0025_sp_Therapist_ual Frustrations.part4.rar (113.9 Mb)

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