Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spanking Video 9

Spanking Video 9

When will the playful chambermaids of Barrington estate ever learn? Maintaining a dignified decorum is of the utmost importance. And if a young lade fails to meet these rigid standards, she will be obligated to bend over and drop her knickers. The smooth, soft skin of the female posterior can be very tender indeed. Especially if subjected to the cruel caress of a disciplinarian's firm hand or a stinging paddle (Chambermaids Pt.2).

Whatever displeasure Miss Casey may outwardly express when young ladies are caught shoplifting at her department store, inside she is really quite pleased. It offers her the opportunity to indulge in her favorite pastime. Standard procedure, of course, would be to report them to the authorities. Most young female felons opt for the alternative solution, spanking. Miss Carey likes to take her time and do a thorough job (Shoplifters).

When you're the only man living with two females, it is vital that you establish from the start who is in charge. Mike caught his lovely roommates pilfering his wallet. He could have turned them over to the police, but instead he has a much better idea. A good rousing spanking on their plump behinds should leave a proper impression (Bedroom Discipline).

After returning home from a long day at the office, Anthony would like nothing more than to relax and watch a little television. Unfortunately, this isn't going to happen. It seems his wife, Julie Juggs has been careless with the housekeeping money and she has forgotten to pay the monthly bills. Anthony is furious! Something must be done in order to assure this doesn't happen again (Final Notice).

Moe, the Biker, found his motorcycle had been run over by Julie. What make things worse was finding out she had no insurance to cover the damage, and no money to re-pay him. Instead he decides to take it out of her hide. Moe films her repaying the debt. And he keeps the film to show that no one messes with his "Hog" and gets away without paying (License To Spank)!

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Duration : 00:56:00

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