Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Burning Ambitions

Burning Ambitions

Two models arrive at the Burning Ambition Model Agency looking for glamour modeling work. But the owner reckons that they are rather spankable and tells them that the only available work is in a CP film, and that he has been commissioned to audition any girls that apply for the work. Reluctantly the girls agree to the auditions, and the lecherous owner spanks, whips and canes them. He also tells them that the parts they will be playing are lap-dancers so they have to demonstrate these skills as well. One can confidently say that this man enjoys his work. His receptionist will verify that!

File Name : 0029_sp_burning_ambitions.wmv
File Size : 699.0 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 01:25:40

0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part4.rar (150.0 Mb)
0029_sp_Burning Ambitions.part5.rar (99.0 Mb)

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