Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing By Myself 2

Playing By Myself 2

Stars: Lena Ramone

Part lecture, part confession and part demonstration, every volume of our new Playing By Myself series focuses on a different submissive beauty capable of expressing herself creatively on the subject of spanking and self induced pleasure.

This episode features Lena spanking herself in a nurse's uniform, sleek lingerie, innocent pajamas, a frilly apron and completely nude.

Lena is an ivy league woman who has gone to intense extremes in the fetish world while retaining a delicacy and refinement that is the hallmark of the sophisticated thrill seeker. The bottom as an erogenous zone, is fully discussed. How to dress and undress it, how to push it out and get attention, how to be naughty enough to earn spankings from lovers, all the important facets of corporal punishment eroticism are dilated upon with charm and verve.

In addition, each volume of Playing By Myself concludes with the subject using penetrating toys to bring herself to climax.

File Name : 0005_sp_playing_by_myself_2.wmv
File Size : 294.6 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 00:36:25

0005_sp_Playing By Myself 2.part1.rar http://oron.com/zkfoa2wh9s5m
0005_sp_Playing By Myself 2.part3.rar http://oron.com/wy9ch2kgdlhv
0005_sp_Playing By Myself 2.part2.rar http://oron.com/15y51o7fnuc7

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