Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Final Notice

Final Notice

Stars: Anthony Lawton, Julie Juggs

After returning home from a long day at the office, Anthony would like nothing more than to relax and watch a little television. Unfortunately this isn't going to happen, the phone doesn't stop ringing. It seems his wife, Julie Juggs has been careless with the housekeeping money and she has forgotten to pay the monthly bills. Anthony is furious! Something must be done in order to assure this doesn't happen again. Anthony calls his wife into the living room and takes firm control of the situation by administering strict discipline. Anthony spanks Julie with his hand until her well rounded Ass begins to glow.

File Name : 0019_sp_final_notice.wmv
File Size : 568.2 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:00:28

0019_sp_Final Notice.part1.rar (150.0 Mb)
0019_sp_Final Notice.part2.rar (150.0 Mb)
0019_sp_Final Notice.part3.rar (150.0 Mb)
0019_sp_Final Notice.part4.rar (118.2 Mb)

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